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La Villa Del Colle Hotel - Restaurant - The ancient traditional flavors in a charming setting ...
La Villa Del Colle - Eventi Cerimonie
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La Villa Del Colle è una location particolarmente indicata per Cerimonie importanti come matrimoni, per il quale si presta in ottimi scenari per servizi fotografici. I molti scorci che offre in  perfetta armonia con la natura sono un valore aggiunto per tutti gli sposi che intendano effettuare le fotografie del loro album in un contesto naturalistico di rara bellezza. Solo alcuni degli scenari sono: la Terrazza Versailles, l'Antica Torretta, la Vista Piscina, Il Viale degli Sposi, il Giardino Secolare, il Pozzo dei Desideri, la Scala dell'Amore, la Fontana nella Roccia...


General information

Surrounded by natural greenery and pristine Lower Frusinate, the villa stands on the highest hill of the historic staircase, once the summer residence of the Counts of Anitrella Mr Lucernari, of which you have some books and photographs in memory of the last century. From the top of the hill you can admire the monumental architecture of the medieval castle of Monte San Giovanni Campano, the walls of the village of Boville Ernica and the town of Cicero Arpino. The hotel complex is composed of Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Swimming pool and has a large car park on three levels to accommodate weddings, anniversaries, conventions, conferences, gala dinners, balls, refreshments and any other type of tourist accommodation . A charming place with ancient tradition "ciociara" atmosphere that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.


The hotel complex was opened in 1997 and consists of a four-story building fully allocated on a hill, a nice example of union between morphology of the land and building technology. The result is a happy vision of bucolic scenery and total immersion in nature. The basement is made up of service areas, and Laundry Room Disc. The first-floor dining room before Wood hall named for its typical color wood. This attaches a bar in its breadth and has a capacity of 300 px. At the end of this hall a passage leads to the Landscape room, called Landscape for the wonderful view you can see while you taste the good food of the restaurant. Characteristic of strong footprint with a capacity of 70 px. is an ideal opportunity for private evenings and romantic occasions. On the second floor there is the second dining room, mainly used for ceremonies and important occasions, the Garden Room. It overlooks the old garden of the Villa and has capacity 230 px. On the third floor lies the Hotel with 9 rooms overlooking a beautiful landscape. Adjoining the complex there is a swimming pool for guests of the hotel and a winery set in a nineteenth "tufa" cave belonging to the family of the Counts Lucernari and dating to approximately 1812.

The Tower-Cellar of Count Lucernari dating back to 1812

Da Giardino secolare

Ideal for scenic photographs this element is perfectly framed in the scenario of the hotel complex, preferably to set them on occasions like weddings and restaurants.